The Company

From the experience of Florentine master craftsmen and restorers, the history of Calattini goes back over 100 years and is rooted in the Tuscan territory and the art of making hand made furniture.

Furniture artisans for three generations; the Calattini brand has long specialized in the design and restoration of antique furniture and the making of furniture in the traditional Tuscan style.
The experience gained in years of selling unique pieces in the Italian and European antiques-market has guaranteed the company a prime position in Tuscany in the restoration and rebuilding of antiquity, using techniques to work the wood according to the most ancient construction techniques.

Chair covers, armchair cushions and fabrics for your livingroom by Calattini!
You can find the real “Made in Italy” furniture that distinguishes itself from other brands, thanks to the constant research and long standing staff, strengthened by the relationship of trust that it’s established between the customers and the company.

In 2021 the company reached 100 years of activity celebrated by the transition from father to son since 1921.


  • Design and construction
  • Restoration of antique furniture
  • Transport and assembly
  • Anti-woodworm treatments
  • Upholstairing of thrones and armchairs
  • Cushions and fabric range for your living room
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